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City Water and Sewer Systems

Water System

The City of Florence maintains a city owned water system which is fed from an artesian undergound spring. The water system includes a water pumping stations, filter system stations with two microfiltration units, approcimately 80,000 feet of water lines, 2 water towers (63,000 gallon and 23,000 gallon) and a 70,000 gallon clearwell.

The water system has been upgraded with a new microfilter filtration system which greatly enhances the purification of the water. This system is a new technology with Florence having been chosen as the first town of its size in the State of Kansas to receive it.

Sewer System

The City of Florence maintains a city owned sewer system which disposes of residential waste. The system includes 63,000 feet of underground sewer lines, a pumping station, and a three pond waste reclamation system.

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